The first spirit from the land at Ballindoney Farm. 

With distillation overseen by TBD Master Distiller Stuart Nickerson, the Big Field Poitín is made using 50/50 malted and unmalted Olympus Spring Barley grown in the Big Field on Ballindoney Farm, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.

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With over 40 years experience of distilling some of the world’s best loved Scotch whiskies, Stuart attributes the future success of smaller and younger distillers to the encouragement of well established Distillers such as these.  “Good grace is paramount in the Whiskey/ Whisky community, both in Ireland and the rest of the world.  It was an honour to use another Distiller’s stills for this production and we are very grateful for their encouragement and their help at this time.”

Tasting Notes:

The Spirit has a ‘grassy’ nose with savoury notes at the back. On tasting, it is surprisingly sweet at the front, with lots of barley sugar and black sugar along the tongue. The finish is short but leaves a lingering sweetness.